Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump Increases US and ISIS Collaboration against Syria

The Trump regime has again increased US and ISIS collaboration against Syria. On 18 June the General Command issued the statement that the war criminal American regime has shot down a Syrian Arab Army Air Force jet. The SyAAF was chasing a terrorist convoy in the al Rasafah region of Raqqa.  Syrian pilot Ali Fahd was shot down while defending his homeland within its borders. There are conflicting reports on his status.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

SAA Chief of Staff Inspects Front Line Soldiers in Tadmor and its Countryside

Tadmor- June 16, 2017: By instructions of Dr. Bashar al-Assad Commander of the Syrian Arab Army, the SAA Chief of Staff General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, along with ranking officers in the General Command, carried out a field tour inspecting our ... continue reading: SAA Chief of Staff Inspects Front Line Soldiers in Tadmor and its Countryside

Chronology of Trump Emboldening ISIS

An interesting question has been offered by a reader of SyriaNews:  How can Trump be accused of emboldening ISIS if the Deep State is promoting a coup attempt against him?  These two disturbing issues are not mutually exclusive, as can be shown via a chronology of Trump, and his war criminal actions against the Syrian Arab Republic, begun 13 days after his inauguration.
In the immediate pre-election days, Professor Camille Paglia offered the most complex thought regarding a possible... continue reading: Chronology of Trump Emboldening ISIS (

Friday, June 9, 2017

Theresa May Cries: Not Loved by Brits as Assad by Syrians

Theresa May cries and must wonder why she can’t be as popular with Brits as Bashar al-Assad is with Syrians.  I got the remedy for you Ms. May. Now strap y.. Continue reading: Theresa May Cries: Not Loved by Brits as Assad by Syrians | Syria News

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Syria Shreds the Lies of a UN Humanitarian Report at the UNSC

The meeting at the United Nations Security Council to discuss the ‘Situation in the Middle East’ was meant to discuss the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and other Arab lands, ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ managed to divert the attention to focus on Syria and use Humanitarian Intervention to cause more agony on the Syrian people, as if sending tens of thousands of terrorists imported from all sides of the planet to kill Syrians and destroy their country is not enough.

Syrian Acting Ambassador at the United Nations Dr. Mounzer Mounzer exposes the lies and fabrications mentioned in a report written..

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Syrian Acting Ambassador at the United Nations Shreds a Report by OCHA as Full of Lies and Fabrications

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